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bison balls

Bison chalk and a midnight ascent of the Apron

“Stick your hand in here,” Sean said, turning and thrusting his backside. “Why?” “Just do it.” I plunged my hand into the chalk bag that dangled loosely from his harness, and instantly my…


awesome gear: OR softshells & Alpha LT

As the winter season wraps up I’ve reluctantly been taking all of my well-worn, totally thrashed but completely functional gear off the hangers and switching it up for summer. When this happens you…

Skiing 6

A turn to the dark side

Last spring I bought a pair of skis. I claim that when I made the purchase I was ripped out of my mind from too many shots of Tequila, but the truth is…

Alex Wigley & Zack Wasson strike up an unnamed couloir in the Spearhead. photo: Vince Shuley

spring round-up

Spring is approaching in the Coast Range, the lowland rains have hit, and though storms still grace the alpine it is more often than not with wet muck reminiscent of cement, with powder…


Ode to Ice Climbing

It’s that time of year again. We’ve turned our clocks forward and now rise to daylight instead of blinking wearily in a shroud of darkness. Bikes are being wheeled out of storage, cams…

A wind-blown shot of the hut.

Elfin Lakes mission

It’s not often that I tour in near white-out conditions, yet that was the situation I found myself in this past weekend. Because the avalanche conditions for the weekend were high, Tim and…

That's some nifty forward flex!

Black Diamond Quadrant

Discussing ski touring boots is a dirty addiction of mine, as I have yet to find the holy grail of touring footwear: a progressively-flexed, tight yet comfortable, light yet burly boot that, whether…

MRG scoping the narrows / CBC trees, Blackcomb. photo: tobias c. van Veen

shadows & sun

Whistler in the sun is a rare occurrence, all the moreso with fresh snow underfoot. Here’s an ode to the days when hiking up Harmony is more efficient and faster than waiting in…


Who says you need top of the line gear to tour?

Follow the highlights of a Wapta traverse tour by a group of strong-hearted Manitobans on cross-country gear and equipment purchased at Canadian Tire. My favourite part is when a fellow at the Bow…

Canines doing what they love in the Iditarod, the legendary sled dog race.

Spotlight on sled dogs in Whistler

It seems ironic that a year ago this week the eyes of the world were on our town, as we collected to mourn the passing of Nodar Kumaritashvili, and united to celebrate our…


Plum Guide Binding

So after a few more days on the Plum Guide I have some quick thoughts. Skiing. The binding feels totally solid underfoot and while I haven’t noticed a distinct improvement in edge control…

The Asgard Project

Banff Film Festival climbs into Whistler

Ladies and gentlemen of the outdoor world, the climbing pantheon, the local ‘ardcore, the skibums and the dirtbags, ice addicts and powder junkies, let it be known that the Best of the Banff…

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