Whistler Peak to Valley Hike

Whistler Peak in full glory (click on pics for full-size slideshow). The weather has been exceptional here in Whistler and this past Sunday afforded us the chance to hike from the summit of…


DPS Dreamtime

Howdy folks. Yes, with 39 celsius on my porch thermometer — I have no idea if the thing is right, but as I’m sitting here it damn well feels like an oven —…


Climbing Choss in China

Mike Libecki, Ethan Pringle & Liv Sanson dodge boulders, rip out choss & evade the military in Kyrgyzstan. And you thought the Rockies were bad…



Sweetgrass Productions’ VALHALLA – Trailer 2 from Sweetgrass Productions on Vimeo. Here it is, folks. Nick & Ben of Sweetgrass have been spending the past two years buried deep in Nelson — a…

Mountain Masochist

trail running trio… err, quintet

I abuse gear, and when I find something that works, I stick with it. So without further ado, here’s my trailrunning trio (well, actually it’s kind of four things, or even five, but…


DPS Dreamtime

DPS Dreamtime 2013: Visions of Cold Smoke from Daniel Pizza on Vimeo. I know, it’s summer, most of us are roasting things on the BBQ or getting roasted out in the sun on…

Via Ferrata

Whistler’s Via Ferrata

When me mums told me she was hopping on Whistler’s Via Ferrata, I was impressed  (even though I played it down later). The rock-hopping exercise in straight-up ascending, even if scaling some ironwrought…

Jesse Huey, Warriors of the Wasteland 5.12b, Squamish

Marc Bourdon talks about his new Squamish climbing book

Marc Bourdon relaxes in a chair at the Squamish Adventure Centre and wraps his fingers around a cup of coffee. He is a tall, quiet man with the lean face all guides possess….

bison balls

Bison chalk and a midnight ascent of the Apron

“Stick your hand in here,” Sean said, turning and thrusting his backside. “Why?” “Just do it.” I plunged my hand into the chalk bag that dangled loosely from his harness, and instantly my…

Out on the ocean of Shellalligan Pass Trail.

Quadra Island Singletrack

Quadra Island, nestled off the Discovery Passage of Vancouver Island, is rugged, beautiful, and at times remote, with its volcanic bluffs and timber perched above rocky beaches and strong tides. It is strange…

Sonnie working hard with a different set of tools.

Squamish Butt Face: classic route sees 5.9 variation

For years now the Squamish Buttress route on the Chief has been the route of choice for climbers wanting a full day out on beautiful granite at a reasonable grade. Although the final…

The victim safe and sound

Crevasse rescue for wimps

I’ll be the first to admit I’m a wimp. I’ve never been one to win an arm wrestling match, and I’m pretty sure I coined the phrase “spaghetti arms” about fifteen years ago….

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