Mountain Masochist

trail running trio… err, quintet

I abuse gear, and when I find something that works, I stick with it. So without further ado, here’s my trailrunning trio (well, actually it’s kind of four things, or even five, but…


DPS Dreamtime

DPS Dreamtime 2013: Visions of Cold Smoke from Daniel Pizza on Vimeo. I know, it’s summer, most of us are roasting things on the BBQ or getting roasted out in the sun on…


Sledding the Sea-to-Sky

Driving a sled at night is a surreal experience — the world a tunnel, lit by the machine’s yellowed light; the trees towering high on either side of the glittering track. From the…


whither winter? why, here it is!

Where has the winter gone? Indeed, after a near two weeks of sun at the end of March — after a wet but wicked midweek storm cycle — we’re seemingly back at a…

the Beast

Hoji on the Beast

Here be Eric Hjorleifson on the Beast, Dynafit’s 16 DIN tech binding. The name sounds accurate enough: the heelpiece is quite the machinery, with a prominent spring, and plenty of metal. Boots using…

the burn

the Burn

Another stunning instalment from the lens of Jeff Thomas & & Blair Richmond, the Burn captures the forest fires of summer yielding powder pleasure in winter… but with a twist; the digital overlay of…

Engelberg Pow

Throwing down in deep pow with ze’ RPC

Piers Solomon and Olof Larsson throwing down in the deep pow that Engelberg has been blessed with on the newly minted DPS Wailer 112RPCs. Check out our initial preview here. A full write-up…

Alpha SV Glove

Arc’Teryx Alpha SV Gloves

I have something of a glove fetish. I also destroy gloves fast for some reason. So when Arc’Teryx launched their revised Alpha SV gloves, I wanted to get my hands in a pair….

Andreas Fransson

Andreas Fransson faces his fears

I watched this in full this morning, as I summoned up my morning courage through coffee: a season with Andreas Fransson, ski mountaineer, as he returns to the mountains after a near-fatal fall…

Pinstripe fury. 20–23m turning radius. 1510mm effective edge. 1.9kg per ski (!). 480mm tip rocker. 384mm tail rocker.

Wailer 112RPC — the Charger

DPS threw down a stiffer, less rockered, fatter version of their Wailer 112RP this year, labelled the Wailer 112RPC. This is a 192cm, rockered tip and tail, stiff-as-balls charger. It’s also a few…

One Baron, one pair of RPCs, one pair of Spoons, and Mr. Blue

sneak preview of the Spoon

It’s not everyday you catch the DPS Baron parked in Whistler’s Marketplace. A few lads from the DPS crew were in town to catch the early season and ski around with a few…

Wayne Flann Avi Blog

Flann’s Avi Blog

Just a head’s up for the Sea-to-Sky community: there’s a fantastic new avi blog by Wayne Flann. Given that the CAC email reports are mentioning it, I figure it’s some solid beta. He’s got…

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