Occupy Maximus Arsenault

An unsung hero of the Whistler scene (and Blackcomb Air Force) is the Québecois native Max Arsenault, who threw down a series of massive lines in Dendrite Studio’s 2010 film, Out of the Shadows. Dendrite has recently released an intriguing compilation of Max’s best lines with a provoking intro of footage shot at OCCUPY VANCOUVER.

I’m not sure what to make of the connection, save that it appears genuine, and possibly potent: big mountain skiing, like alpinism, often finds itself aligned with the engaged critics of the world. There’s something about taking risk and personal responsibility in the wild that gives perspective on the state of things. Achieving great feats of singular experience often throws into sharp relief the greed that runs rampant in the everyday world. Certainly this is the case with alpinists, who often see their pursuit as a way of not quite escaping the world’s increased industrialization and monopoly of consumer values, but of demonstrating ways to live beyond it. Alpinists often inscribe their values otherwise, in the near inexpressible suffering of attaining a summit. Big mountain skiers are less likely to articulate this connection, but I find it is often there, especially amongst the self-propelled and the thoughtful.

By the way, Max is skiing PM Gear Lhasa Pows, a fantastic ski infamous amongst the ‘ardcore, independently manufactured in the US.

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