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Whistler Peak to Valley Hike

Whistler Peak in full glory (click on pics for full-size slideshow). The weather has been exceptional here in Whistler and this past Sunday afforded us the chance to hike from the summit of…


DPS Dreamtime

Howdy folks. Yes, with 39 celsius on my porch thermometer — I have no idea if the thing is right, but as I’m sitting here it damn well feels like an oven —…


Climbing Choss in China

Mike Libecki, Ethan Pringle & Liv Sanson dodge boulders, rip out choss & evade the military in Kyrgyzstan. And you thought the Rockies were bad…

Lotus 120 Spanky's

DPS Lotus 120 Spoon (review)

The Lotus 120 Special Edition is pretty enough to get Spanked. With this year starting out with low tide skiing thanks to a drastic drought, I haven’t had the chance to haul out…


Synchronicity: A Small SufferFest

There comes a point in everyone’s climbing life where they want the epic adventure. They want the twelve-hour day, the endless feeling of fear, the exhaustion, and the pain. They want a SufferFest….

Short solo to the start of the next pitch

The last day of frozen Alexander Falls

“What was that?” Geoff asked. A thunderous boom echoed in the small amphitheatre we were in. Instinctively I looked up to see if the rocks were falling on us. “It’s the ice. It’s…


L’ENSA couloir, Chamonix

CHAM LINES S1EP3 – Couloir de L’ENSA More goodness happening elsewhere other than the West Coast. This time: Chamonix. Check out this line — from the alpine to the valley in 5 minutes…


LiFT Baskets Kickstarter

Something as mundane as touring pole baskets are rarely considered as sites of great innovation until you relentlessly flick away at your climbing spurs for wasted minutes on every tour. Local engineer and…


Low tide Blackcomb backcountry

Whistler Reacharound – Whistler Backcountry Steep Skiing from Ross Berg on Vimeo. Ross Mailloux demonstrates some style on a pair of DPS Wailer 99s while hitting up the local Blackcomb backcountry and a…


Sander Hadley destroys Snowbird’s sh*tf#ck conditions

The Way I See it from Sander Hadley on Vimeo. Sander Hadley destroys it in Snowbird’s sh*tf#ck conditions — he airs slow signs, spins over cat tracks, backflips a natural booter onto a…


Clownshoes on Low Pressure Podcast

Local Whistler patroller Shawn Beaudoin (aka Clownshoes) talks the dirty on Doglotion’s Low Pressure Podcast. Check the teaser above, the full digs can be had here.


Go flying with Nads

Speed Flying from Nadia Samer on Vimeo. Some know Nads for her fierce sledding savagery — but with conditions rapidly deteriorating for just about everything on the snow, the fearless Nadia Samer has…

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